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About Us

Take Two Alternative Academy

Take Two Academy is a referral based alternative school and is funded by grants and donations.  They serve six area school districts:  Ardmore, Davis, Marietta, Plainview, Thackerville, and Turner.  Ardmore serves as the host school and has 80-100 students attending the program each year.  To be eligible to attend Take Two Academy, all students must be enrolled in his/her home school and be identified as a student “at risk” as defined by the State of Oklahoma.  If it is determined that Take Two Academy can meet the student’s academic, behavior, life skill, vocational and instructional needs then a meeting will take place with the student, parent, and director.  The home school will be notified upon acceptance.

Each program utilized by Take Two Academy focuses on two essential goals:  building relationships and teaching skills.  Borrowing from our friends at Father Flanagan's Boys Town, we believe these two qualities are the hallmarks of healing and hope.  At this time, the complete array of alternative education services offered by Take Two Academy include the following:

  • Alternative school for students grades 9-12
  • A licensed professional counselor
  • Parenting meetings and classes
  • Collaborations with local law enforcement, the juvenile justice system and treatment centers    

How is Take Two Academy different from the traditional school setting?

  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • Family-Like Environment
  • Opportunity for Individual Success
  • Credit Recovery Opportunities
  • Specially Trained Staff
  • Licensed Professional Councelor
  • High Expectations