About Us

Welcome to Take Two Academy

Take Two Academy is a referral based alternative school and is funded by grants and donations.  They serve six area school districts:  Ardmore, Davis, Marietta, Plainview, Thackerville, Lone Grove, and Turner.  Ardmore serves as the host school and has 80-100 students attending the program each year.  To be eligible to attend Take Two Academy, all students must be enrolled in his/her home school and be identified as a student “at risk” as defined by the State of Oklahoma.  If it is determined that Take Two Academy can meet the student’s academic, behavior, life skill, vocational and instructional needs then a meeting will take place with the student, parent, and director.  The home school will be notified upon acceptance.

Students enrolled in Take Two benefit from the same academic standards for all students, within a different or unique setting, which addresses barriers found in traditional settings.  Take Two can support student graduation by building positive relationships, focusing on students’ individual strengths, talents, social/emotional/behavioral needs and providing academic rigor and cultural relevancy of instruction.  Take Two is responsive to student needs by providing unique programming, nontraditional hours, or hybrid experiences for students.  Students enrolled may include those whose academic, social/emotional and/or behavioral needs are not being met by the traditional program or school.

At Take Two there are two core philosophical foundations found, we implement a student focused perspective based on a respect for who students are and the belief that all students can learn given the right environment; and participation in an alternative setting is an informed choice made by students and their families.

The philosophy of Take Two utilizes a whole student approach.  Such an approach would promote programming to address the personal, social, emotional, intellectual, work skills, safety, and security needs of all students in addition to academic achievement.  Given the nontraditional needs of the student body, programming is individualized.  The development of the student’s plan for learning is a collaborative venture among students, their families, and educators with the individual needs and strengths of each student both recognized and embraced.  This approach encourages students to partner with educators and to understand the value of their educational program while accepting responsibility for their academic, social and emotional growth.

Enrollment in Take Two is not a punishment but a learning opportunity.  One of the main program goals is centered on creating a safe school climate where effective teaching and learning takes place and exclusionary practices towards discipline are minimized.  There is a positive, individualized approach to discipline and all members of the community feel safe, staff and students alike.

A philosophy of high expectations is evident through mission and vision statements that are documented and clearly visible to all members of the school/program community.  These expectations are consistent with district goals and state standards.  The school/program embraces the concept that all students are capable and can be successful.  It is with student success in mind that the program design is developed, implemented and refined.